Distance Healings

Personal Distance Healing With John Of God

I will be hand carrying personal petitions to present to John Of God. The spirits will do the healing just as if you were there and I may need to stand in for a ‘surrogate surgery’ for you. Sometimes you will be prescribed herbs that I will purchase and bring back.

The cost for this is $150 (herbs prescribed will be additional at cost, approx $45)
For the personal distance healing you need to bring/send me:

  • (Optional) A small item of clothing, such as a T shirt worn by the person ( you can give them a T shirt to wear for a few hours)
  • A photograph, if possible, I highly recommend taking several photos  ( full length front, full back, full each side and head shot), print or photo copy. Write on the back of each photo the persons name, and date of birth (I would write out the month, such as Dec 16th 1964, since they write the day and month backwards in Brazil), and the home address or place they will be sleeping while we are presenting it and the following days.
  • On a separate piece of paper, describe if there is a specific physical, mental or spiritual issue or why the client wishes for a distance healing.
  • I will need an email and phone number in case I contact you while I am gone.
  • You probably will not get these items back, so only send photos and clothes that it is ok to leave. And photo copies are ok.If your healing is for an animal, a small piece of cloth that your animal laid on or a small clip of fur is good. Please include photos of your animal ( with name and approx birthday if you know) and a photo of you or the animals main owner, with the birthday written on the back. This is because the animals energy and possible illness is often related to their owner’s energy.I will start as soon as I get the items, by asking the entities for healing and doing my personal healing work on them, then I will take them to Brazil.
  • If the healing is not for yourself, please make sure you have their permission and this is something that they want to receive. Some of the people petitioned for, may be given a spiritual surgery and if so I will be emailing you fromBrazil or my office will call you with instructions for the client, who will have to take it easy.  Regardless of whether the client receives a spiritual surgery or not, the entities will be working on you. So during the time we are inBrazil especially, the client should try to spend as much time sleeping, mediating and taking it easy as possible. Some may be prescribed certain herbs. If this is the case, I will purchase them for you at the Casa (They are approx $45). You are required to prepay for the herbs which I will get to you on my return. If you are not prescribed herbs, you will receive a refund of the $45.

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Gail and John Of God healed me of Liver Cancer- I came to Gail back in November in tears and told Gail that I had cancer. I had very serious liver cancer, stage four that was spread completely throughout my liver and therefore it was in-operable. Gail said she was going to John Of God in January and could take my photo. But Gail told me to give the photo to her right away and that she would start work on me. She said she put my photo in her triangle and told the spirits I  was coming and could they start work on me. Well a couple of weeks after I gave her the photo (before she went toBrazil) I went to see my doctor for a check up. He was so surprised! The cells had all encapsulated themselves, which meant they were now in three tumors and they could operate. I had emergency surgery and they removed the tumors. I have done tests and they took everything! I am completely cancer free. When Gail took my photo to John Of God, I was already healed but while she was there I felt the spirits working I me very strong. I know this healing was because of Gail and John Of God and I am so grateful. – Lauren, ca
(See Lauren’s video below)